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Sustainable Computing

2009 Green IT Symposium

The U-M Green IT Symposium is a half-day conference for U-M IT professionals. The event, hosted by Climate Savers Computing Initiative @ U-M, will share and encourage the adoption of green IT practices. Learn what other campus units are doing and how you can incorporate similar money- and resource-saving tactics in your own department!

Handout Materials

Opening Keynote Address

Greener & Better IT: A Systematic Challenge and Opportunity

Speaker: Dan Atkins, Associate Vice-President for Research Cyberinfrastructure

Presentation Slides: Greener and Better IT: A systematic challenge and opportunity

Block 1 Sessions

Green IT on Campus: A Panel Discussion

Description: Representatives from a wide array of campus units will share their stories on sustainable IT practices. Units all face different challenges: you can recognize their lessons learned and bring the information back to your unit.


Presentation Slides: Green IT on Campus: A Panel Discussion

Budgeting Impacts of Green IT

Description: The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) is now allocating energy costs to each of its units to raise accountability and responsibility. Learn what the college has done, how it is working, and future plans for increasing awareness about energy consumption. Penner-Hahn will also discuss the importance of sustainability to LSA and the university.

James Penner-Hahn, Associate Dean for Budget, LSA

Presentation Slides: Budgeting Impacts of Green IT

Server Virtualization/VaaS Infomercial

Description: Leveraging server virtualization in data centers and server rooms is a CSCI @ U-M best practice. Server virtualization reduces the need for rack space, power, cooling and administration while lowering total cost of ownership. Learn how the new Virtualization as a Service (VaaS) offering will help you save money on floor space, power, cooling and administration while delivering a feature-rich enterprise services.


Presentation Slides: Server Virtualization/VaaS Infomercial

Vendor Presentations

EnergyWise - Presented by Cisco

Description: A new innovative technology enables Cisco to optimize Greenhouse Gas (GhG) emissions by measuring, reporting and reducing energy consumption across the entire corporate infrastructure. Learn how this innovation changes the way customers conduct their business while adopting collaborative environmental sustainability practices.

Dan Wasson, Systems Engineering Manager, Cisco

Presentation Slides: Cisco: EnergyWise

Why Data Center Design Really Does Matter - Presented by Sun Microsystems

Description: Sun's data center experts speak candidly on industry trends, what it really takes to go green, and data center design. They will share tips and a case study on the building of Colorado's greenest data center.

Michael Ponke, Principal, Sun Microsystems

Presentation Slides: Sun: Why Data Center Design Really Does Matter!

Green IT: Compute More, Consume Less - Presented by Dell

Description: Learn Dell's vision of a greener planet and its lifecycle approach to green. Focus on data centers, end-user computing, packaging and carbon offsets.

Frank Krieber, Account Manager

Presentation Slides: Dell: Green IT - Compute More, Consume Less

Block 2 Sessions

U-M Data Centers' Status

Description: Get a cohesive explanation of data center activities on campus. Topics include: data center and server room inventories, capacity needs assessment, strategies to increase capacity, management of existing space, consolidation, costing and long-term and short-term strategies.

Andy Palms, Director of Networks and Data Centers, Information and Technology Services

Presentation Slides: U-M Data Centers' Status

Desktop Technologies Behind the Scenes

Description: IT professionals have the power to save power for individuals in their unit. A group of cross-campus volunteers developed CSCI @ U-M Desktop Best Practices. Learn the ups and downs of implementing green practices and how it can be done.

Andrew Wilson, Team Supervisor, ITS and CSCI @ U-M Desktop Team Lead

Presentation Slides: Desktop Technologies Behind the Scenes

10 Ways You Can Motivate Lasting Change

Description: General awareness campaigns and typical marketing incentives are extremely effective for building awareness, changing attitudes, and gaining momentum in the near-term. However, once the incentives stop and the publicity dies, people tend to revert to their old ways. Learn 10 science-based methods to create sustainable change. These tools and principles are very effective as they focus on individual internal and external psycho-social drivers.


Presentation Slides: 10 Ways You Can Motivate Lasting Change

Afternoon Keynote Address

The Critical Role of IT in Sustainability

Laura Patterson, Associate Vice President of Information and Technology Services and Chief Information Officer

Presentation Slides: The Critical Role of IT in Sustainability