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Sustainable Computing

About Us

Sustainable Computing: Where technology and a healthy planet meet.

As a partner of the University of Michigan's Office of Campus Sustainability, Sustainable Computing is a program to help faculty, staff and students come together to create a culture of sustainability when using technology.


Sustainable Computing began in 2007 as "Climate Savers Computing Initiative @ the University of Michigan". As a founding member of the national Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI), our group strives to promote the development, deployment and adoption of smart technologies—practices that can both improve the efficiency of a computer's power delivery and reduce the energy consumed.

The Cultural Iceberg

Cultural Iceberg Illustration

It's a Culture Thing

Culture can be thought of as "the way we do things around here." Culture runs deep and is based on things that are hard to see and even harder to change. The focus of Sustainable Computing is to change the culture on campus by changing the behaviors and practices that can be seen and influenced to always consider the environment when making computing choices. Our aim is to make green computing practices the norm on campus so the benefits to the university and the planet become a natural aspect of technology use at the University of Michigan.

Our Program Goals


Collaboration is key to the success of Sustainable Computing. It's essential to leverage the resources available and make sustainable computing part of the fabric of the university. We work closely with sustainability initiatives on campus. You can find us at several campus events including EarthFest: Party for the Planet! and the annual e-waste recycling event.