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Sustainable Computing

Green IT Individual Survey

The Green IT Individual Survey provides you with a survey template, containing a series of questions regarding sustainable computing, which can be used to assess the skills and attitudes of the people in your department. The survey template is managed using a Google form, which allows you to edit, delete, and add questions to suit the needs of your department. Review the survey carefully before it is administered and sent out. Please follow the steps below to access the survey:

  1. Log into your UMICH Google account and access your Google Drive by clicking on the APPS icon at the top right of the page. Open the app that says DRIVE.

  2. At the main M+Google Drive screen, click the CREATE button located at the top left. Then choose FORM.

    This will open a blank Google Form. If you are asked to add a title and theme, click CANCEL.

  3. In the options menu that pops up, click From template.

    This will take you to a screen showing all of the University of Michigan templates. You can scroll through to find the Green IT Individual Survey or search for it using the Search Template box at the top of the screen.

  4. At the top left of the screen go into FILE › NEW › FROM TEMPLATE.

    This will take you to a screen showing all of the University of Michigan templates.

  5. Scroll through the templates to find the GREEN IT INDIVIDUAL SURVEY or search GREEN IT INDIVIDUAL SURVEY using the SEARCH TEMPLATE BOX at the top of the screen.


    This will bring up the template form and save a file titled "Copy of GREEN IT INDIVIDUAL SURVEY" to your Drive. This is now your own manageable form.

  7. Review the questions provided in the template. Make changes by hovering over a question and selecting either the EDIT, DUPLICATE, or DELETE icons that appear on the right-hand side.

  8. Add questions by selecting the ADD ITEM tab located at the top left corner of the screen. You will have the option to choose what type of question you want to create (multiple choice, choose from list, scale, etc.).

  9. When you are finished editing your survey, you can send it out by selecting the EMAIL THIS FORM button at the top right corner of the screen, or you can send the survey out using GOOGLE+ SHARE.

  10. Select the SEE RESPONSES button at the top right of the screen once your faculty members have responded to the survey. You can review the results as a summary or a spreadsheet.

View and Manage Form Responses

Please follow the instructions on viewing and managing your form responses.