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Sustainable Computing
  • Buy Smart: Save Money and Energy
  • Reconsider Printing: Ways to Save Documents
  • E-waste Recycling: How to Participate

Think about the devices you use every day—all day. There is no denying that computer technology is a part of our lives. The natural resources used to operate our technology, however, are limited in quantity. Sustainability and preservation of these resources is crucial. Promoting a sustainable-computing lifestyle is good stewardship and helps us maintain the resources we currently have.

The University of Michigan has a unique role in the global sustainable computing effort. As members of the Michigan community, we have a greater likelihood of sharing our knowledge around the globe. Whether we are considering power save settings, alternative printing methods or how to recycle antiquated devices, it is our responsibility to be sustainable with our technology. Our desire is to live green, to reduce our carbon footprint, and to save for the future—one device at a time.