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Sustainable Computing

Green IT Certification Program at a Glance

Do you belong to a group outside of U-M and wish you knew how to make your unit's computing more sustainable? Have you wanted to encourage "greener" information technology (IT), but find it hard to get started? Based on the successful Green IT Certification Program at the University of Michigan, Sustainable Computing now provides a resource to people outside of U-M who wish to implement a Green IT Certification Program.

The Green IT Certification Program at a Glance will help get you started on the path toward a greener, more sustainable computing environment. This program is designed to reduce a unit's energy consumption and change behaviors toward greener IT. Depending on your unit's needs and behaviors, the questionnaire and point system can be easily customized. You may need to put more resources toward one part of the certification than others. Your unit may already be as green as it can be, but you may want to expand to your whole company.

Get started today by downloading this free resource.