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Reconsider Printing

How Much Do We Print on Campus?

Reams of Paper Purchased 2008-2014

Printing Impact

Approximately 44 million tons (48%) of the paper generated in this country ends up in landfills.1 In 2014, the University of Michigan purchased 514,752 reams of paper, down from 621,360 reams in 2008. We can continue to reduce the paper used and its impact by following the best practices listed below.

What About You?

View how many pages you printed this month and the impact of your printing on the environment by copying and pasting the link below into your web browser and inserting your uniqname at the end:


Do You Really Need to Print That?

Maybe Not

Ask yourself these questions before deciding to print:

Sometimes You Do

There are tricks you can use to reduce the impact of printing on the environment:

Why Print Less?

Over 227 million sheets of paper are purchased by the University of Michigan annually. This is equivalent to cutting down nearly 2 times the amount of trees on campus every year.2

Save Space

Save Time

Save Money

Save Trees and Other Natural Resources

Decrease the amount of pages printed by using the tricks listed above.


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