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Sustainable Computing

Computing Sites

Ever used a public computer on campus? Don't like walking around campus with your laptop? Campus computing sites provides public access to workstations all across campus for you to check your email, work on an assignment or simply browse the web. Sustainable Computing has partnered with Campus Computing Sites to encourage students, faculty, and staff to use the public workstations and print resources available at computing sites in order to help limit/reduce personal electricity use and need for printing supplies and consumables. All current students, faculty, and staff of the University of Michigan can use the Campus Computing Sites. Access to certain sites or services may be limited during specific events or times of the year.

There are twenty-one larger general use ITS Campus Computing Sites available—seventeen on Central Campus and four on North Campus—to meet your computing needs. There are also over 100 more locations on campus where you can find Sites computers and printing, in study lounges, dining areas, quiet areas, collaboration and social spaces.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives Sites

Sites is committed to energy efficient initiatives such as: